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Posted date: 1 Mar 2023

Skipathon 2.0

Each year at CVM we try and encourage a Grand Challenge. The idea is a simple one. Come up with some obscure challenge, event or ‘thing’ that will push you out of your comfort zone whilst raising £1k (the grand) for CVM. 

We have seen many take on the challenge and overcome the greatest of obstacles to not only raise the £1k or more but find themselves in the unofficial CVM Hall of Pain. A prestigious place where we remember fondly those brave men and women who have taken on the CVM Grand Challenge.  

This year, Nathan Blackaby, CEO of CVM will be taking his skipping to the next level. In 2018 Nathan managed to skip a full 4 hours of skipping, but this time he is going for 8 hours.  

That’s a mind-numbing average of 80k steps and 50+ miles on the spot with a skipping rope.  The whole event will be live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook with special guests, amazing features, prizes, social interaction, music and fun.  

Keep a note of the date and time:

Monday 24th April 2023 
4 pm-Midnight 
8 hours skipathon for CVM

You can give on the day which would be gratefully received, or in advance to make sure he doesn’t back out!



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