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Posted date: 1 Jan 2020


We’ve just launched part one of ’52 Men of the Bible’ as a reading plan on the YouVersion Bible app.


Following on from the popularity of our ‘52 Men of the Bible’ book written by Carl Beech and the accompanying downloadable group studies, we’re adding to this resource by launching the first 10 studies of the book as part of a reading plan on the YouVersion Bible app.


These studies look at some of the men found in the Bible and are a great group or personal resource. From Adam to Joshua, via the likes of Joseph and Moses, and lesser known characters like Bezalel, explore how these men’s lives can affect your walk with Jesus. Who were they? What would they be like to meet here and now?  How can we learn from them? Currently featuring 10 lives of men from the Bible, the reading plan will build to examine the lives of 52 Men of the Bible.


The ’52 Men of the Bible’ daily readings can now be found on the YouVersion Bible app.


Just open the app, and search in ‘Plans’ for ’52 Men of the Bible’. 

Alternatively you can access it here


52 Men range...

Find out more about the 52 Men of the Bible book here

Sign up to download the 52 Men of the Bible group study material here


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