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Fancy writing a blog for CVM?

Our blogs are consistently one of the main places we see online traffic heading to, so we are always keen to get great content out to the masses.

We have put this Blog portal together to help us do a few things in working with you, to create some great CVM Blog content.

What do we want to be talking about?

Well, here at CVM our main aim is to help introduce the gospel to men, that’s about it really. However, the ways in which we achieve this goal is firstly; to produce a wide range of writing and resourcing to help reach men who have never heard of Jesus.

Secondly, to help fire up Christian men so they can feel confident and equipped to live out their faith in ways that win other men to Jesus.

That’s our heartbeat, so we want to maintain ‘mission focussed’ thinking and reflection in our blogs while creating awareness of CVM, evangelism to men and practical content that helps men reach other men with the gospel.

So, if you are up for turning your hand to the CVM Blogs in just 400 words of less, brilliant!

Here are our 3 basic guidelines to help you frame the blog.

  1. Our primary focus is around introducing men to Jesus by equipping them with event ideas, group &/or church support, resources, and/or stories/testimonies.
  2. Our secondary focus is on evangelistic discipleship, helping men journey faith whilst developing confidence and tools in personal and group evangelism.
  3. Our final focus is to create opportunities and discussion on relevant events, issues or commentary in contemporary society that align with our vision to evangelise to men.

Final bits...

  • Please ensure you blog is around 400 words
  • If quoting the Bible we suggest just 1 reference per blog
  • Blokes love practical thought, aim to land your blog on some helpful and practical conclusions

Upload it here!